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An unbelievably funny, Beautiful and exciting fantasy universe

Tormentosia, a land shattered like broken glass, was divided by its different races in a state of persistent conflict. Then came the imminent destruction of their world as Sorgoth, Devourer of Worlds, invaded the realm. Facing his calamitous frenzy, the six remaining kingdoms united their power, each providing essential resources to defend all living creatures with a new kind of technology.

The Steam Dwarves created the gyrophasm core, which was held within a piece of the Children of the Sources’ most sacred relic – the Aquanopticum. Hedonists, Sauromancers, Genetics, and Nosmarians completed the alliance, forging The Ultracore, located in the newly built city of Coreheim.

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get Ready for an adventure

Prove yourself as a mighty adventurer in the wondrous world of Tormentosia. Use your skills to master dungeons and defeat extraordinary bosses.

Survive with your friends

Gather resources, craft tools and weapons, build settlements, all alongside your friends.

Join our big Community

Meet fellow adventurers in the grand community of Coreheim. Trade, socialize or simply hang out where the wonders of Tormentosia all come together.

Ultracore is a social survival sandbox game set in the world of the Ultracore Pen&Paper created by our co-founder Hauke Gerdes. The game will combine three major pillars: a survival sandbox (the world of Tormentosia), a social hub (Coreheim, the location of the Ultracore) and adventures (diverse action experiences).

Tormentosia is the name for the land encompassing all known realms. Once, it comprised 36 empires with dozens of diverse races. After the attack of Sorgoth, Devourer of Worlds—and the following war—most of these nations fell victim to devastation. Their inhabitants who survived the bloodshed, fled to the lands yet unfallen. These remaining seven realms—now including the newly formed, joint nation of Coreheim—are as diverse in their flora and fauna as can be imagined.

Coreheim lies in the center and houses the Ultracore. Its shield protects the last seven realms from sharing the fate of other nations of Tormentosia at the hand of Sorgoth.

We’re not ready to announce that just yet, but we’re aiming for 2023 for Early Access and 2024 for the full release. Make sure to join our Discord to be the first to know and check our social media for project updates. And don’t forget to sign up for future tests too!

We are developing Ultracore in as close a relationship with our community as possible. Therefore early, regular playtesting with the core community is central to our production plans. If you’ve signed up and joined our Discord, we’ll reach out through email and post on Discord to let you know how to take part in the playtest.

We’re called Blankhans and our homebase is in Munich, Germany. The team itself is spread around the globe. If you want to learn more about the studio or join our team, click here.

Our core principle is that we develop Ultracore on behalf of the community, with a direct feedback loop at the forefront. We need and welcome your input! So, sign-up on the website. Join our Discord and follow us on social media. Always be vocal and let us hear your thoughts. We cannot apply every opinion, but we definitely digest all of them. Forged in our fires, shaped with you.

If you want to directly help and you are a games professional, check out our jobs page