Patchnotes 2023-07-19

Greetings, Coreborn! We’re excited to bring you the first patch of our Early Access! We tried to address various issues you reported to us and improve your gaming experience. Thank you for your feedback and support, it’s greatly appreciated and helps us foster a better Coreborn for everyone! Without further ado, let’s dive into the details of this patch. Below, you’ll find a list of the changes made, ordered by their level of significance within their category.

• We added two new buttons to the Game Settings menu, including a Survey Button and a Contact Support Button. We also fixed that little spelling mistake on the “T(r)avel to Coreheim” Button.
• You now can destroy level 1 Town Center and build closer to your Town Center.
• Some adjustments to the Volume were made.

Game Design:
• Sprinting no longer costs Stamina and the “Seasoned Runner” Perk now gives you 20% more speed when sprinting.
• We fixed the issue with Town Gates and Crafting Stations being unbuildable when your inventory was full.
• All creatures got rebalanced, making them weaker and easier to read in combat.
• A yellow impact VFX and SFX were added to give you visual feedback when you land a critical hit on a creature
• You will no longer gain greatsword charges from hitting the environment (Stones, Trees, etc.), only from actual enemies.
• The Survival Plank and the Survival Campfire no longer use the Lightwood Set’s repair cost, but have their own repair cost now. Additionally the Survival Campfire now visually shows when it gets damaged.
• Wooden Incense can now be crafted at the Woodworking Bench. Stone Blocks are now moved to Advanced Geocasting Level 0. We also fixed some typos in the recipe descriptions.
• We’ve added the “Entangled” status effect for when you get caught up in vines or mud, for improved visual feedback.
• The first town expansion is now available at Town Level 3.
• Some delay was applied to the Feydveers ranged attack and the SFX & VFX is now fixed.
• Vine obstacles and log pile obstacles will now say “Thorny Vines” and “Logs” when targeted. When Thorny Vines deal damage, you will now receive visual feedback.
• Jumping, while having the greatsword equipped, looks and feels better now.

Engineering & Backend:

• You can now find a slider in the settings, which lets you adjust your camera sensitivity.
• A bug that could lead to being stuck in an attack animation got removed. • The camera collision with falling logs got disabled.
• A new Matchmaking system for Coreheim was implemented.
• We fixed the bug of aprons sometimes vanishing after login back into the game.
• We changed the notification message on the town gate placement when the gate isn’t being placed on the town border.

UI / UX:

• We added the [Press Q] prompt for when a combo charge is available.
• Fixed the issue of “Traveling to Coreheim” blocking the menus.

3D, Level Design and Animations

• New bridges were added to the Frozen Peaks.
• Many cliffs that previously were no-build-zones are now possible to build on.
• Fixed some clipping on Nib the Jib, as well as some minor weight painting issues.
• The density and placement of the creatures in the Moss Seas and Mountains got adjusted.
• New fonts were added to the road signs in Ambros.
• Modified the “Ambrosian Pants” to avoid clipping by the skirt.

We hope this patch provides a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for all of you. Your feedback plays a vital role in our ongoing efforts to enhance the game, so please continue to share your thoughts and report any issues you encounter so we can keep on addressing them. If you have any questions or need assistance, our Dev team is always here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Thank you for your continued support, and we hope to see you for the next patch!

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