Dark is the Night

Dark is the Night

I. Introduction

The night can be menacing, but for the fearless Coreborn, it’s a time of opportunity.

In the upcoming Dark is the Night update, those who dare to explore Ambros’ shadows will encounter new challenges and enticing rewards.  

Nocturnal variations of familiar creatures will emerge offering unique rewards. You can use new interior lamps to light up your town, creating a secure haven in the darkness.  And for the boldest adventurers, the Moonhunter armor set provides formidable protection against all Ambros creatures, day or night.

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to transfer a bit of the festivity and bring some real-life culture to the Hedonists. Log in to Coreborn until November 14th to claim your own Pumpkin Lantern recipe to share the seasonal mood with all those around you.

II. Dark is the Night: detailed overview

Darkness Falls

When the sun sets in Ambros, a veil of darkness descends. The paths you roamed comfortably by day turn into foreign lands, and new dangers emerge. But where there is darkness, you will find light. New resources will make venturing into the shadows of Ambros worth your while, and a brand new tool, accompanied by helpful new accessories, will make treading the Dark easier for you.

Nocturnal Creatures

The nocturnal creatures begin to roam the plains, glowing in an eerie hunger, and they won’t return to their lairs until the crack of dawn.

These new variations each haunt you in different biomes, each home to a different habitat. A new system of attack chains has been introduced with these cunning nocturnals, forcing players to think carefully about when to engage and when to retreat. But for those who brave the darkness, new and plentiful rewards await.

Illuminating the Shadows

The Night can be a lonely and dangerous place, but it doesn’t have to be. With the new interior lamps, you can illuminate your town and create a safe haven inside the umbra. Interior lamps come in a variety of shapes, sizes and various materials. You can find the recipes for interior lamps in your building menu once you have unlocked them.

New Armor Set!

Forged from the spoils of the Night, the Moonhunter set offers powerful protection against all creatures of Ambros, day and Night.

This end-game level gear set will not only provide you with a fierce look but also prove you as a worthy Coreborn who faces the lurking hazards of the shadows.

So prepare yourself, Coreborn. The darkness is coming. And with it, new challenges await. Will you rise to the occasion?

Log in now to claim your own Pumpkin Lantern recipe within the next two weeks from the seasonal vendor in Coreheim!

And, of course, as always, we appreciate your feedback, and if you have something to say, let us know on our Discord!

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