Key Art


Key Features

  • Claim the Land as Your Own: Create a thriving home for yourself and your friends. Repel the evil forces and defend your town. Survive against Sorgoth’s minions and never let your guard down.
  • Cooperate With Players All Over the World: Travel to Coreheim and meet players from all over the world. Trade items, get resources, find new companions for adventures or simply enjoy their company during seasonal events and festivities. 
  • Become a Valued Member of the Community: Learn a variety of professions and train to become an expert. Help out all those that you can and become an important and valued member of your community.
  • Gather Resources and Build Up Your Defenses: Gathering resources is key to defending yourself in Coreborn. Utilize hundreds of individual recipes and build up structures to withstand the endless waves of Sorgoth’s minions. Gather with your friends to yield even higher resources and rewards.
  • Uncover the Lore of Tormentosia: The more you explore, the more you’ll uncover about this diverse land. Discover hidden lore sights with special enemies and resources and piece together all you can about the history of Tormentosia.