Patch Notes 2023-08-22

Friends and inhabitants of Tormentosia: it’s patch time! We’ll be at Gamescom all week in the Indie Arena Booth and for those that will be present, we can’t wait to see you. For everyone — attending or at home — we do offer this Gamescom Patch to bring many, many great features and changes for all of you!



  • We added our first official Adventure, called “Capture the Crown”! You can access it via the Adventure Finder by using either the social menu (P), the menu of your town, or the Adventure NPC in Coreheim
  • We also added the reward vendor near the Adventure NPC in Coreheim. With this NPC, you can spend the hard-earned Jib Coins you won in the Adventures and exchange them for fabulous prizes
  • With that we also moved the crystal exchange vendor a little bit to the side and improved it with the new vendor UI
  • We finally added the framework for translations, covering the following languages at this point: 
    • German
    • Czech
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Polish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Turkish
    • Chinese
    (Please keep in mind that these are still work in progress, so if you encounter any issues, translation errors, and such, don’t hesitate to create a ticket and let us know)
  • We also added a new NPC type: Quality Vendors. 
    • You may trade items of lower quality with these guys for more qualitative items of the same type. You can find them in Coreheim and Ambros, marked with one to three stars above their heads, indicating the level of the items you can get (3 stars being the highest quality items). They are also marked on the map with the same symbols
  • We added an F1 Help page to explain the Quality Vendors and the Adventure to you in more detail
  • We reworked the tutorial to make it less time-consuming and no longer leave you with a cluttered inventory

Game Design

  •  You now gain XP when building furniture items and other building pieces
  • Traveling to Coreheim no longer has a Cooldown and will put you back right where you pressed the Travel button once you return to the survival map
  • Therefore we also added an “Unstuck” Button that will send you back to a valid spot on the map
  • We tuned the town crystal requirements on the lower town levels so it’s easier for players to reach the early levels of town progression
  • The antidote was temporarily removed. Since we currently don’t have anything capable of poisoning you, at this point in time, it feels unrewarding as loot
  • We slightly increased the drop rate of Golden Garnet.
  • We added Tanta Flint to the Gold drop loot table and Ambrosian Opal to the Iron Ore loot table
  • The Ambrosian Opal requirement on the Tier 1 Anvil was removed, and we adjusted the Dornwood requirement for this station from 10 to 6
  • The Golden Garnet requirement on the Tier 2 Anvil was removed, and we adjusted the Ellyonwood requirement for this station from 15 to 12
  • The Tanta Flint requirement on the Tier 4 Geocasting wheel was removed, and we adjusted the Gold Ingot requirement for this station from 5 to 4
  • We reduced the heartwood cost of the stone axe from 5 to 2
  • We reduced the heartwood cost of the stone pickaxe from 5 to 4


  • We improved the overall performance when mass crafting
  • Fixed the stack size on the clay molds


  • Fixed a bug that caused the recipe icons to flicker while crafting
  • Fixed a bug that caused the category symbols to vanish after using the take-all button
  • Added a visual indicator to the map icon of your town center, showing you directly when an attack is happening
  • We changed the UI a little to fit specific texts better. They will now automatically scroll if they exceed the textbox

3D, Level Design, and Animations

  • Some building pieces were missing the hit effect, so we fixed that, and you now get proper feedback
  • Our diligent Level Designer patched more holes, crevices, and nudges you could get stuck in
  • We had some voice NPCs that were accidentally placed outside the gates of Coreheim
  • We improved the pathfinding of the AI on some bridges

Thank you for your continued support! We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. Your feedback and ongoing commentary helps us make informed decisions as our Coreborn. Have fun out there!

Your Blankhans Team

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